For more years than I dare to think about, I have made a super big mistake in productivity. I thought that the best way to achieve things was to set goals and that the only possible variations were how you then selected and worked towards your goals. How wrong I was!

The problem with goals

  • They take you away from the present moment because goals are in the future making it harder for you beeing happy until you reach them.
  • Reaching them demotivates you and ends the good habits you created to reach them.
  • Removes your drive and motivation if you tell about them.
  • The goal is probably wrong because we don’t know what we want or what makes us happy or if its possible or if we still will want it in the future.
  • The feeling of success in reaching the goal is short-lived. The secound you reach the goal the ego will find a new goal to aim for.
  • The goal has probably the wrong ambition level, who really knows what you are capable of anyways?
  • Winners and losers have the same goals but wastly different routines…

Why habits, routines, and systems are better

  • They don’t suffer from any of the problems mentioned above and in many cases has the reversed effect.
  • They can be instantly available and a part of your life.
  • The cost of trying them out is much lower.
  • Goals often have gatekeepers but habits are under your control.
  • Your old unreachable goals can be recycled to create habits if you think “What would a person that reaches this goal daily routine look like?”

I get to the exercise almost every day, not because I have set a big goal but because I pack my gym bag the day before, set alarms and make sure to prepare the day before so I have the energy for the next day.

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